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Journalists visit (Press tour) to the FEZ Dangara

23-07-2019, 14:45

By the initiative of the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on July 23, 2019 with the participation of a wide range of domestic and foreign media (television companies "Tajikistan", "Safina", "Jahonnamo" Reuters News Agency, NIAT "Khovar" and Iktisodchi magazine) took place Press tour to  the free economic zone (FEZ) "Dangara".

With familiarization representatives of media met with the management and experts of enterprises regarding the progress of existing enterprises, where they received extensive and relevant information. It is hoped that the efforts of the subjects of the republic's FEZ will contribute to the implementation of the fourth strategic goal - the industrialization of the country.

 It should be noted that the administrations of the FEZ with the involvement of domestic and foreign investors in order to increase new jobs and enrich the state budget are making every effort.

19 октября 2021, вторник
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