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Training for representatives of FEZ "Ishkashim"

7-08-2019, 15:05

On August 7, 2019, in the Garmchashma sanatorium of Ishkashim district, on the part of representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade with the support of the United Nations Development Program in Tajikistan, was held a training on the topic "FEZ and attracting investments"

This event organized for employees of the Administration of FEZ "Ishkashim", the local executive body of the state power of Ishkashim district and local business circles.

During the training, the possibilities of free economic zones discussed, including "Investments and external assistance, the difference between investors and donors", "the Nature and types of FEZ", "How to develop FEZ" and "Mechanisms for promoting FEZ on the Internet". Upon completion of the training by the participants of the training were completed practical tasks, and the received opinions of the participants to understand the effectiveness of the training.

It should be noted that on the part of the Ministry, this practice of training continues to this day and these trainings contribute to the training of FEZ employees for understanding of the essence of the creation of FEZ and attracting investments.


22 января 2021, пятница
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