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Two new companies were registered as a subject of the free economic zone "Panj".

29-05-2017, 10:55

26.05.2017 in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan, in Commission for review of business plans were registered two new companies as a subject of the free economic zone "Panj".

One of these companies is engaged in the export of coal and cement, the purchase and sale of building materials, another company is a dealer of UAZ company of Russian Federation and engaged in the purchasing and sale of cars. It should be noted that the market for these companies will be the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It should be noted that FEZ "Panj" is a complex type created in the Karadum massif of Djayhuns district of Khatlon region with a total area of 400 hectares and borders with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. For today 14 subjects are registered in FEZ "Panj".


7 июля 2020, вторник
Валюта Покупка Продажа НБТ
9.6800 9.7000 9.4396
10.6000 10.6200 10.6196
0.1480 0.1510 0.1445
ММВБ 21:55 2327,64 -0,214%
РТС 21:55 1201,32 0,794%
Brent 21:40 79,74 0,416%
DJIA 21:40 24972,87 -0,162%
Nasdaq 21:40 7390,752 -0,044%
FTSE 21:40 7877,45 0,233%
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