Priority Activities

The FEZ of Republic of Tajikistan are  an industrial-innovative area, therefore, priority activities in the FEZ can be considered activities that have novelty and activity that is not common or are poorly represented on the territory of Tajikistan:

- Sewing threads, knitted goods, artificial and synthetic fabrics, fabrics and finished products from silk and cotton thread, finished fabric and sewing production from wool, processing of skins of large and small cattle with final release of finished leather goods, footwear and leather haberdashery;
- Dyeing fabrics and production of finished products for clothing manufacture, production of parterre and upholstery fabric, production of accessories for various applications;
- Manufacture of armchairs and furniture;
- Production of artificial and synthetic dyes;
- Manufacture of starch, micro cellulose and nitrocellulose;
- Mechanical engineering (Assembly and production of cars, tractors and of various brands of equipment for agriculture and other branches, spare parts for them, equipment, machinery and technology for processing branch, equipment for services, water pumps and others);
- Manufacture of non-metallic pipes for different industries;
- Production of electrical, electronic and household appliances;
- Production of mineral fertilizers and biological additives for agriculture;
- Processing of natural stones, production of building and finishing materials;
- The production of glass and basalt fiber and finished goods;
- Manufacturing of modern construction materials (glass, Windows and doors, heat-retaining wall blocks and panels of international standards, plastic finishing materials (except construction brick);
- Manufacture of plaster products;
- Production of different brands of electric wires;
- Production of household waste (excluding primary processing);
- The production of perfumes and chemical washing powders;
- Pharmaceutical products and medicines;
- Manufacturing equipment and inventory for public health;
- Manufacture of lighting equipment and products;
- Evaluation, credit, insurance, consulting, audit, leasing and certification activity;
- Import-export operations;
- Activities to provide information support;
- Activities in the field of scientific and technical research, innovation, development of nanotechnology and biotechnology and others.

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